April 26 All Events

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April 26th, 2007 (April 26 2007)EventQueen s Pier is officially closed by the Hong Kong Government, after a bitter struggle by conservationists, in order to facilitate land reclamation in Hong Kong s Central district
April 26th, 2007 (April 26 2007)DeathJack Valenti, American political advisor and film executive (born in 1921)Jack Valenti Quotes
April 26th, 2005 (April 26 2005)EventUnder international pressure, Syria withdraws the last of its 14,000 troop military garrison in Lebanon, ending its 29-year military domination of that country.
April 26th, 2005 (April 26 2005)DeathMason Adams, American actor (born in 1919)
April 26th, 2005 (April 26 2005)DeathMaria Schell, Swiss-Austrian actress (born in 1926)
April 26th, 2005 (April 26 2005)DeathAugusto Roa Bastos, Paraguayan author (born in 1917)
April 26th, 2004 (April 26 2004)DeathHubert Selby Jr., American author (born in 1928)
April 26th, 2003 (April 26 2003)DeathRosemary Brown, Canadian politician (born in 1930)
April 26th, 2003 (April 26 2003)DeathMax Nicholson, Irish environmentalist (born in 1904)
April 26th, 2003 (April 26 2003)DeathPeter Stone, American writer (born in 1930)
April 26th, 2002 (April 26 2002)EventRobert Steinhauser infiltrates and kills 17 at Gutenberg-Gymnasium in Erfurt,Germany before dying of a self-inflicted gunshot.
April 26th, 2002 (April 26 2002)DeathRobert Steinhauser German spree killer (b.1983)
April 26th, 1999 (April 26 1999)DeathAdrian Borland, English musician (The Sound) (born in 1957)
April 26th, 1999 (April 26 1999)DeathJill Dando, British television presenter (b.1961)
April 26th, 1996 (April 26 1996)DeathStirling Silliphant, American writer and producer (born in 1918)Stirling Silliphant Quotes
April 26th, 1994 (April 26 1994)EventA China Airlines Airbus A300-600R crashes at Nagoya Airport, Japan killing 264.
April 26th, 1994 (April 26 1994)EventPhysicists announce first evidence of the top quark subatomic particle.
April 26th, 1994 (April 26 1994)DeathMasutatsu Oyama, Founder of Japanese Kyokushin Karate (born in 1927)
April 26th, 1991 (April 26 1991)EventSeventy tornadoes break out in the central United States. Before the outbreak s end, Andover, Kansas, would record the year s only F5 tornado (see Andover, Kansas Tornado Outbreak).
April 26th, 1991 (April 26 1991)DeathLeo Arnaud, French-American composer (born in 1904)
April 26th, 1991 (April 26 1991)DeathCarmine Coppola, American composer and conductor (born in 1910)
April 26th, 1991 (April 26 1991)DeathEmily McLaughlin, American actress (born in 1928)
April 26th, 1991 (April 26 1991)DeathRichard Hatfield, Canadian politician (born in 1931)
April 26th, 1989 (April 26 1989)DeathLucille Ball, American actress and comedian (born in 1911)
April 26th, 1987 (April 26 1987)BirthJessica Lee Rose, American-born New Zealand actress, famous YouTube star lonelygirl15
April 26th, 1987 (April 26 1987)DeathJohn Ernest Silkin, British politician (born in 1923)
April 26th, 1987 (April 26 1987)DeathShankar, Of Noted Bollywood Music Director Duo Shankar-Jaikishan (born in 1922)
April 26th, 1986 (April 26 1986)EventIn Ukraine, a nuclear reactor accident occurs at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, creating the world s worst nuclear disaster.
April 26th, 1986 (April 26 1986)DeathBroderick Crawford, American actor (stroke) (born in 1911)
April 26th, 1986 (April 26 1986)DeathDechko Uzunov, Bulgarian painter (born in 1899)
April 26th, 1986 (April 26 1986)DeathBessie Love, American actress (born in 1898)
April 26th, 1985 (April 26 1985)BirthJohn Isner, American Tennis player
April 26th, 1985 (April 26 1985)BirthNam Gyu-Ri, Korean singer, member of See Ya
April 26th, 1984 (April 26 1984)BirthLee Humphrey, American basketball player
April 26th, 1984 (April 26 1984)BirthMija Martina, Bosnian singer
April 26th, 1984 (April 26 1984)DeathCount Basie, American musician and composer (born in 1904)
April 26th, 1983 (April 26 1983)BirthJose Maria Lopez, Argentine racing driver
April 26th, 1983 (April 26 1983)BirthJessica Lynch, American P.O.W.
April 26th, 1982 (April 26 1982)Event57 people are killed by former Korean police officer Woo Bum-kon in a shooting spree in Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea.
April 26th, 1982 (April 26 1982)BirthJoanne Gobure, Nauruan poet
April 26th, 1982 (April 26 1982)BirthBrock Gillespie, American basketball playerEric Gill Quotes
April 26th, 1982 (April 26 1982)BirthJon Lee, British singer (S Club)
April 26th, 1982 (April 26 1982)BirthCooper Wallace, National Football League tight end
April 26th, 1981 (April 26 1981)BirthMatthieu Delpierre, French footballer
April 26th, 1981 (April 26 1981)BirthMs. Dynamite, English musician
April 26th, 1981 (April 26 1981)DeathJim Davis, American actor (born in 1909)
April 26th, 1980 (April 26 1980)BirthJordana Brewster, American actress
April 26th, 1980 (April 26 1980)BirthAnna Mucha, Polish actress
April 26th, 1980 (April 26 1980)BirthChanning Tatum, American actor
April 26th, 1980 (April 26 1980)DeathCicely Courtneidge, English actress and comedian (born in 1893)
April 26th, 1979 (April 26 1979)BirthJanne Wirman, Finnish musician (Children of Bodom)
April 26th, 1979 (April 26 1979)BirthAriane Moffatt, Quebec singer and songwriter
April 26th, 1978 (April 26 1978)BirthAvant, American singer
April 26th, 1978 (April 26 1978)BirthJoe Crede, American baseball player
April 26th, 1978 (April 26 1978)BirthPeter Madsen, Danish footballer
April 26th, 1977 (April 26 1977)BirthKosuke Fukudome, Japanese baseball player
April 26th, 1977 (April 26 1977)BirthTom Welling, American actor
April 26th, 1977 (April 26 1977)BirthChris Johnston, Irish rugby player
April 26th, 1977 (April 26 1977)BirthJason Earles, American actor
April 26th, 1976 (April 26 1976)BirthVaclav Varada, Czech ice hockey player
April 26th, 1976 (April 26 1976)DeathSid James, South African-born British comedian (born in 1913)
April 26th, 1975 (April 26 1975)BirthNathan "Joey" Jordison, American musician (Slipknot)
April 26th, 1975 (April 26 1975)BirthNerina Pallot, British singer
April 26th, 1974 (April 26 1974)BirthIvana Milicevic, Croatian-American actress
April 26th, 1974 (April 26 1974)BirthAdil Ray, English radio presenter (BBC Asian Network)
April 26th, 1973 (April 26 1973)BirthChris Perry, English footballer
April 26th, 1973 (April 26 1973)DeathIrene Ryan, American actress (born in 1902)
April 26th, 1972 (April 26 1972)BirthKiko Narvaez, Spanish footballer
April 26th, 1972 (April 26 1972)BirthJason Bargwanna, Australian racing driver
April 26th, 1972 (April 26 1972)DeathFernando Amorsolo, Filipino painter (born in 1892)
April 26th, 1971 (April 26 1971)BirthJay DeMarcus, American bassist (Rascal Flatts)
April 26th, 1970 (April 26 1970)BirthMelania Trump, Slovenian model
April 26th, 1970 (April 26 1970)BirthTionne "T-Boz" Watkins, American singer (TLC)
April 26th, 1970 (April 26 1970)DeathErik Bergman, Lutheran pastor (born in 1886)
April 26th, 1970 (April 26 1970)DeathGypsy Rose Lee, American actress (born in 1911)
April 26th, 1969 (April 26 1969)DeathMorihei Ueshiba, Japanese martial artist and founder of aikido (born in 1883)Morihei Ueshiba Quotes
April 26th, 1967 (April 26 1967)BirthMarianne Jean-Baptiste, Academy Award nominated British actress
April 26th, 1967 (April 26 1967)BirthGlen Jacobs, American professional wrestler
April 26th, 1966 (April 26 1966)EventAn earthquake of magnitude 7.5 destroys Tashkent.
April 26th, 1966 (April 26 1966)BirthYoshihiro Togashi, Mangaka who created YuYu Hakusho
April 26th, 1965 (April 26 1965)BirthKevin James, American comedianKevin James Quotes
April 26th, 1964 (April 26 1964)EventTanganyika and Zanzibar merge to form Tanzania.
April 26th, 1964 (April 26 1964)DeathE. J. Pratt, Canadian poet born Newfoundland (born in 1882)
April 26th, 1963 (April 26 1963)EventIn Libya, amendments to the constitution transform Libya (United Kingdom of Libya) into one national unity (Kingdom of Libya) and allows for female participation in elections.
April 26th, 1963 (April 26 1963)BirthJet Li, Chinese martial artist Martial Quotes
April 26th, 1963 (April 26 1963)BirthColin Scotts, Australian-born American football player
April 26th, 1962 (April 26 1962)EventNASA s Ranger 4 spacecraft crashes into the Moon.
April 26th, 1962 (April 26 1962)BirthColin Anderson, English footballer
April 26th, 1962 (April 26 1962)BirthMichael Damian, American actor, singer and producer
April 26th, 1962 (April 26 1962)BirthDebra Wilson, American actress and comedian
April 26th, 1961 (April 26 1961)BirthJoan Chen, Chinese-born actress
April 26th, 1961 (April 26 1961)BirthAnthony Cumia, American radio personality (The Opie and Anthony Show)
April 26th, 1961 (April 26 1961)BirthChris Mars, American rock drummer (The Replacements)Chris Rock Quotes
April 26th, 1960 (April 26 1960)BirthRoger Taylor, English musician (Duran Duran)
April 26th, 1960 (April 26 1960)BirthSteve Lombardozzi, American baseball player
April 26th, 1959 (April 26 1959)BirthThanassis Papakonstantinou, Greek singer and songwriter
April 26th, 1958 (April 26 1958)BirthGiancarlo Esposito, American actor
April 26th, 1958 (April 26 1958)BirthJeffrey Guterman, American mental health counselor
April 26th, 1958 (April 26 1958)BirthJohn Crichton-Stuart, 7th Marquess of Bute.
April 26th, 1957 (April 26 1957)DeathGichin Funakoshi, Father of Japanese Shotokan Karatedo (born in 1868)
April 26th, 1956 (April 26 1956)EventFirst container ship left Port Newark, New Jersey for Houston, Texas
April 26th, 1956 (April 26 1956)BirthKoo Stark, American actress
April 26th, 1956 (April 26 1956)DeathEdward Arnold, American actor (born in 1890)
April 26th, 1955 (April 26 1955)BirthMike Scott, American baseball player
April 26th, 1954 (April 26 1954)EventThe Geneva Conference, an effort to restore peace in Indochina and Korea, begins.
April 26th, 1951 (April 26 1951)DeathArnold Sommerfeld, German physicist (born in 1868)
April 26th, 1950 (April 26 1950)DeathG. Murray Hulbert, American politician (born in 1881)
April 26th, 1949 (April 26 1949)BirthCarlos Bianchi, Argentinian footballer
April 26th, 1949 (April 26 1949)BirthJerry Blackwell, wrestler (died in 1995)
April 26th, 1949 (April 26 1949)BirthDominic Sena, American film director
April 26th, 1947 (April 26 1947)BirthWarren Clarke, English actor
April 26th, 1946 (April 26 1946)EventFather Divine, a controversial religious leader who claims to be God, marries the much-younger Edna Rose Ritchings, a celebrated anniversary in the International Peace Mission movement.
April 26th, 1945 (April 26 1945)EventWorld War II: Battle of Bautzenlast successful German tank-offensive of the war and last noteworthy victory of the Wehrmacht.
April 26th, 1945 (April 26 1945)BirthSylvain Simard, Quebec politician
April 26th, 1945 (April 26 1945)DeathPavlo Skoropadsky, Ukrainian politician and general (born in 1871)
April 26th, 1945 (April 26 1945)DeathSigmund Rascher, Nazi doctor (born in 1909)
April 26th, 1944 (April 26 1944)BirthAmien Rais, Indonesian politician
April 26th, 1944 (April 26 1944)DeathViolette Morris, French athlete (born in 1893)
April 26th, 1943 (April 26 1943)BirthGary Wright, American singer
April 26th, 1943 (April 26 1943)BirthPeter Zumthor, Swiss architect
April 26th, 1942 (April 26 1942)BirthClaudine Auger, French actress
April 26th, 1942 (April 26 1942)BirthMichael Kergin, Canadian diplomat
April 26th, 1942 (April 26 1942)BirthBobby Rydell, American singer
April 26th, 1941 (April 26 1941)BirthClaudine Clark, American R&B singer-composer
April 26th, 1941 (April 26 1941)BirthJohn Mitchell, American composerJohn Mitchell Quotes
April 26th, 1940 (April 26 1940)BirthGiorgio Moroder, Italian composer
April 26th, 1940 (April 26 1940)BirthCliff Watson, English rugby league footballer
April 26th, 1940 (April 26 1940)DeathCarl Bosch, German chemist, Nobel laureate (born in 1874)
April 26th, 1938 (April 26 1938)BirthDuane Eddy, American musician
April 26th, 1938 (April 26 1938)BirthMaurice Williams, American singer (The Zodiacs)
April 26th, 1938 (April 26 1938)DeathEdmund Husserl, Austrian philosopher (born in 1859) Philo Quotes
April 26th, 1937 (April 26 1937)EventSpanish Civil War: Guernica, Spain is bombed by German Luftwaffe.
April 26th, 1936 (April 26 1936)DeathTammany Young, American actor (b.1886)
April 26th, 1933 (April 26 1933)EventThe Gestapo, the official secret police force of Nazi Germany, is established.
April 26th, 1933 (April 26 1933)BirthFiliberto Ojeda Rios, Puerto Rican activist (died in 2005)
April 26th, 1933 (April 26 1933)BirthCarol Burnett, American comedianCarol Burnett Quotes
April 26th, 1933 (April 26 1933)BirthArno Allan Penzias, German-born physicist, Nobel laureate
April 26th, 1932 (April 26 1932)BirthMichael Smith, English-born chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 2000)
April 26th, 1932 (April 26 1932)BirthFrancis Lai, French film music composer
April 26th, 1932 (April 26 1932)DeathWilliam Lockwood, English cricketer (born in 1868)
April 26th, 1929 (April 26 1929)BirthRichard Mitchell, American author and professor (died in 2002)
April 26th, 1927 (April 26 1927)BirthJack Douglas, English actor
April 26th, 1926 (April 26 1926)BirthDavid Coleman, British TV sports broadcaster
April 26th, 1926 (April 26 1926)BirthMichael Mathias Prechtl, German illustrator (died in 2003)
April 26th, 1925 (April 26 1925)EventPaul von Hindenburg defeats Wilhelm Marx in the second round of the German presidential election to become the first directly elected head of state of the Weimar Republic.
April 26th, 1925 (April 26 1925)BirthJorgen Ingmann, Danish musician
April 26th, 1922 (April 26 1922)BirthJeanne Sauve, French Canadian politician (died in 1993)
April 26th, 1920 (April 26 1920)DeathSrinivasa Ramanujan, Indian mathematician (born in 1887)
April 26th, 1918 (April 26 1918)BirthFanny Blankers-Koen, Dutch athlete (died in 2004)
April 26th, 1918 (April 26 1918)BirthStafford Repp, American actor (died in 1974)
April 26th, 1917 (April 26 1917)BirthI.M. Pei, Chinese-born architect
April 26th, 1917 (April 26 1917)BirthSal Maglie, baseball player (died in 1992)
April 26th, 1916 (April 26 1916)BirthMorris West, Australian writer (died in 1999)Morris West Quotes
April 26th, 1916 (April 26 1916)BirthVic Perrin, American actor (died in 1989)
April 26th, 1914 (April 26 1914)BirthBernard Malamud, American author (died in 1986)
April 26th, 1914 (April 26 1914)BirthJames W. Rouse, American investor (died in 1996)
April 26th, 1912 (April 26 1912)BirthA. E. van Vogt, Canadian writer (died in 2000)
April 26th, 1911 (April 26 1911)BirthMarianne Hoppe, German actress (died in 2002)
April 26th, 1910 (April 26 1910)BirthTomoyuki Tanaka, Japanese movie producer and creator of Godzilla (died in 1997)
April 26th, 1910 (April 26 1910)DeathBjornstjerne Bjornson, Norwegian author, Nobel laureate (born in 1832)
April 26th, 1904 (April 26 1904)BirthPaul-Emile Leger, Quebec cardinal and archbishop (died in 1991)
April 26th, 1900 (April 26 1900)BirthCharles Richter, American geophysicist (died in 1985)
April 26th, 1900 (April 26 1900)BirthHack Wilson, American baseball player (died in 1948)
April 26th, 1898 (April 26 1898)BirthVicente Aleixandre, Spanish writer, Nobel laureate (died in 1984)
April 26th, 1898 (April 26 1898)BirthJohn Grierson, Scottish filmmaker (died in 1972)John Scott Quotes
April 26th, 1897 (April 26 1897)BirthEddie Eagan, American sportsman (died in 1967)
April 26th, 1897 (April 26 1897)BirthDouglas Sirk, German-born film director (died in 1987)
April 26th, 1896 (April 26 1896)BirthErnst Udet, WWI pilot and film actor, Luftwaffe officer (died in 1941)
April 26th, 1894 (April 26 1894)BirthRudolf Hess, Nazi official (died in 1987)Rudolf Hess Quotes
April 26th, 1893 (April 26 1893)BirthDraza Mihajlovic, Serbian WWII hero and war criminal (died in 1946)
April 26th, 1892 (April 26 1892)DeathSir Provo Wallis, British Admiral and naval hero (born in 1791)
April 26th, 1889 (April 26 1889)BirthLudwig Wittgenstein, Austrian-born philosopher (died in 1951)Ludwig Wittgenstein Quotes
April 26th, 1888 (April 26 1888)BirthAnita Loos, American writer (died in 1981)
April 26th, 1886 (April 26 1886)BirthMa Rainey, American singer (died in 1939)
April 26th, 1886 (April 26 1886)BirthGabdulla Tuqay, Tatar poet (died in 1913)
April 26th, 1881 (April 26 1881)DeathLudwig Freiherr von und zu der Tann-Rathsamhausen, German general (born in 1815)
April 26th, 1879 (April 26 1879)BirthOwen Willans Richardson, British physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1959)
April 26th, 1878 (April 26 1878)BirthSaint Rafael Guizar Valencia, Mexican Catholic bishop
April 26th, 1865 (April 26 1865)EventAmerican Civil War: Confederate General Joseph Johnston surrenders his army to General William Tecumseh Sherman at the Bennett Place near Durham, North Carolina.William Tecumseh Sherman Quotes
April 26th, 1865 (April 26 1865)EventUnion cavalry troopers corner and shoot dead John Wilkes Booth, President Lincoln s assassin, in Virginia.
April 26th, 1865 (April 26 1865)DeathJohn Wilkes Booth, American actor and assassin (shot) (born in 1838)
April 26th, 1856 (April 26 1856)BirthSir Joseph Ward, 17th Prime Minister of New Zealand (died in 1930)
April 26th, 1826 (April 26 1826)BirthGeorge Hull Ward, American general (died in 1863)
April 26th, 1826 (April 26 1826)BirthAmbrose R. Wright, American Civil War General (died in 1872 Ambrose Quotes
April 26th, 1822 (April 26 1822)BirthFrederick Law Olmsted, American landscape architect (died in 1903)
April 26th, 1812 (April 26 1812)BirthAlfred Krupp, German industrialist (died in 1887)
April 26th, 1805 (April 26 1805)EventUnited States Marines captured Derne, Tripoli under the command of First Lieutenant Presley O Bannon.
April 26th, 1804 (April 26 1804)BirthCharles Goodyear, American politician (died in 1876)
April 26th, 1802 (April 26 1802)EventNapoleon Bonaparte signs a general amnesty to allow all but about one thousand of the most notorious emigres of the French Revolution to return to France, as part of a reconciliary gesture with the factions of the Ancien Regime and to eventually consolidate his own rule.Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
April 26th, 1801 (April 26 1801)BirthAmbrose Dudley Mann, American diplomat (died in 1889) Ambrose Quotes
April 26th, 1798 (April 26 1798)BirthJames Beckwourth, American explorer (died in 1867)
April 26th, 1798 (April 26 1798)BirthEugene Delacroix, French painter (died in 1863)Eugene Delacroix Quotes
April 26th, 1789 (April 26 1789)DeathCount Petr Ivanovich Panin, Russian soldier (born in 1721)
April 26th, 1787 (April 26 1787)BirthLudwig Uhland, German poet (died in 1862)
April 26th, 1785 (April 26 1785)BirthJohn James Audubon, French-American naturalist and illustrator (died in 1851)
April 26th, 1784 (April 26 1784)DeathNano Nagle, Irish convent founder (born in 1718)
April 26th, 1782 (April 26 1782)BirthMaria Amalia of the Two Sicilies, queen of France (died in 1866)
April 26th, 1774 (April 26 1774)BirthChristian Leopold von Buch, German geologist (died in 1853)
April 26th, 1718 (April 26 1718)BirthEsek Hopkins, American Revolutionary War admiral (died in 1802)
April 26th, 1716 (April 26 1716)DeathJohn Somers, 1st Baron Somers, Lord Chancellor of England (born in 1651)
April 26th, 1711 (April 26 1711)BirthDavid Hume, Scottish philosopher and historian (died in 1776)David Hume Quotes
April 26th, 1710 (April 26 1710)BirthThomas Reid, Scottish philosopher (died in 1796) Philo Quotes
April 26th, 1662 (April 26 1662)BirthMaria Luisa of Orleans, queen consort of Spain (died in 1689)
April 26th, 1648 (April 26 1648)BirthKing Peter II of Portugal (died in 1706)
April 26th, 1607 (April 26 1607)EventEnglish colonists of the Jamestown settlement make landfall at Cape Henry, Virginia.Henry James Quotes
April 26th, 1573 (April 26 1573)BirthMarie de Medici, wife of Henry IV of France (died in 1642)
April 26th, 1564 (April 26 1564)BirthWilliam Shakespeare, English poet and playwright (died in 1616)William Shakespeare Quotes
April 26th, 1538 (April 26 1538)BirthGian Paolo Lomazzo, Italian painter (died in 1600)
April 26th, 1489 (April 26 1489)DeathAshikaga Yoshihisa, Japanese shogun (born in 1465)
April 26th, 1478 (April 26 1478)EventThe Pazzi attack Lorenzo de Medici and kill his brother Giuliano during High Mass in the Duomo of Florence.
April 26th, 1478 (April 26 1478)DeathGiuliano di Piero de Medici, ruler of Florence (assassinated) (born in 1453)
April 26th, 1476 (April 26 1476)DeathSimonetta Vespucci, inspiration of Botticelli (b.1453)
April 26th, 1467 (April 26 1467)EventThe miraculous image of Our Lady of Good Counsel appears in Genazzano, Italy.
April 26th, 1444 (April 26 1444)DeathRobert Campin, Flemish painter (born in 1378)
April 26th, 1192 (April 26 1192)DeathEmperor Go-Shirakawa of Japan (born in 1127)
April 26th, 0570 (April 26 0570)BirthMuhammed, founder of Islam, according to the Shi a sect. Other sources suggest April 20.
April 26th, 0121 (April 26 0121)BirthMarcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor (died in 180) Marcus Aurelius Quotes

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